Rajesh Burla

Born in Kavali, Andhra Pradesh, India 1979
Lives and works in Coventry, United Kingdom

2016-2023 - Wildlife Photographer
2013-2023 - Web Developer, Webmaster, SEO Expert
2003-2023 - Software Engineer, Technical Architect
1997-2001 - Bachelor of Engineering, University of Mysore

One of the great pleasures of my life is observing animals in their element. I have observed wildlife long enough to realise that the perceived differences between humans and animal kingdom is arbitrary, at an existential level, there is nothing that makes us unique. Photography is my medium for expressing this by capturing the soul of an animal in their state of being. Through photography, I want to show that all living things whether human or otherwise are sentient beings, equally worthy of living on the planet that we all share with the natural world.

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